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City Farm

City to forest musings, hinting playful slickers, the juxtaposition of nature vs nurture, the pull of city culture to the quite of the fields- this muted range of textured, simple creams, bring Rilo's 2024 newest collection to life


The Trinidad series takes shape from the muddy, vibrant colors of the West Indies.  The rich flora and fauna, the wet sand, and oily hues from the depths of the ocean, exudes total mental serenity.  Growing up in Point-a-Pier- spending summers with grandparent's Hortense & Malcolm- the family tapestry of this special island memory, woven deep into Rilo's Trinidad tapestry.


select canvases & prints available

Exposed, raw, vulnerable. Naked but not afraid. No fear in the exposure.  Inspire to show your true insides with no repercussion to explore the beyond in the freedom of the reveal.

Soil & Solstice 

Earth, texture, peace and space show up in the neutral pallet of Rilo's debut collection.  The idea is to exist. and more importantly co exist - within a sometimes hectic surroundings, finding the calm and peace within brings a solitude and shine from the depths of within and the peace of nature.


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