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                                                   The combined expertise and passion for creating beautiful, inspiring, peaceful spaces, through                                                        original paintings, murals and interior design, results in this unique, creative, sister duo Alisha and Clair Reilly-Roe.
                                                    Originally from Montreal, we spent time in NYC, LA, Trinidad and the mountains of British                                              Columbia.  We regularly work on projects & paintings, both commercial and residential.

Together we create abstract, original, often bespoke, acrylic and oil paintings, that immediately become essential to the mood of a room.
With a palette drawn from natural elements, our large format canvases invite the viewer to step into an expanded, abstracted view of nature, simplified, zenified, distilled…

The compositions are always carefully balanced, giving an expansive feel, using soft, wide swaths of neutral, subtle colors, with softly interacting shapes or subtly vibrating fields of colors.​

Leaning towards minimalism, we explore themes of connection, reflection, peace & balance.
We feel all rooms deserve the finishing focus of beautiful art.  

We curate conference rooms, bathrooms, concealed bars--any wall, anywhere to ignite intrigue. 

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